Are NetEnt Slots Rigged? Learning the Basics of Online Gambling

With land band based casinos, the main order of the order has been rigged of slots in advantage of the house. This has been a deterrent for most players afraid of losing their wagers. With the advent of online casinos, it is a different ball game altogether. Can NetEnt slot be rigged at ?

Random Number Generators

A common denominator for all NetEnt casinos is that they feature a random number generator. What exactly does a RNG mean and how does it prevent rigging of slots? At , the RNG is a computation that ensures that the slot machines produce random numbers to ensures that the outcomes for each spin is completely random.

With the random number generator, it is designed in a manner that produces a string of random numbers. The symbols dictate the numbers that are displayed on the slot machine. Therefore, this rubbishes claims that you can estimate the winning intervals of a slot from one win to the next one since the outcomes are random.

What About Return to Player Percentages

How well do you know that the online casino will pay you in full from all your winnings? This is calculated through the return to player rates. The RTP rates as a result of calculations with mathematical formulas. The RTP refers to the total payable amount to the player after finishing each of the rounds.

The house edge represents the flip side of the RTP rate. The long term profits of the casinos are determined by the combination of the RNG and the payout percentages. This eliminates the need for NetEnt casinos to rig their slots in order to make profit from the casino games offered at NetEnt.

What About the Variance?

The rate of the Return to Player is as a result of the variance from the particular slot machine that is expected. Variance refers to the risk level attached to a certain slot machine. It forms part of a guide when wagering your money with the slot machine with a relation with the RTP.

  • RTP closes relates to variance
  • Higher winnings are related with high RTP and high variance

Slot machines that offer low variance, mean that the games have a low risk level. This is best suited to beginners working with a small budget. For high rollers, there are high variance that offer higher risks but large potential winnings at one go. You need to balance the variance depending on the nature of your bankroll.

How to Recognized Legit Online Casinos

Like any other business, there is the need for a license to carry out the gambling operations. The same phenomena applies to online casinos. For example, at NetEnt, the firm is licensed and registered by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The bodies ensure the testing and approval of the slot machines.

Apart from testing and approving the slot machines for fairness, the regulatory bodies carry out regular checkups on the random number generators to ensure it fits the international standards. Furthermore, there is a certification for the different slot games after satisfying the regulatory standards. At NetEnt, all the casino games have been certified and ensure fairness.


Tips to Stay Safe from Rigged Slots

With the cropping of new casino sites taking over the internet, it is hard to discern between legit business fronts and scams. However, it is easy to tell whether you are dealing with a professional body or a scam. Read through the certification information of the casino at the bottom of the page in their site.

Free slot games is also another sure way of ensuring that the games are legit. With the free casino games, you have the chance to try out the different games without wagering your money. At NetEnt, the free slot games are similar to the real cash games hence you get a feel of the entire gambling experience.