Why are Heat Sinks so Important?

Even though the heat sink isn’t something everyone always thinks about when computers come to mind, but just like all the other parts, the computer just wouldn’t work without some sort of heat sinks. Even worse, if your heat sinks are not adequate enough, it could actually end up damaging your computer. Just like we need water for workouts, our computer needs heat sinks to cool down the processor.

But how does a heat sink work exactly? From the looks of the name, it seems like some magical piece that heat gets washed down into and just vanishes.

Put simply, a heat sink is something that takes heat from an object and disperses it. Computers are the most well-known devices that utilize heat sinks, but they are also used on cell phones, media players, and even coolers like refrigerators and freezers.

The heat sink is a specially designed thermal conductor that takes heat from the CPU chip, and carries it away to the big fins that you commonly see. Those large fins actually help dissipate the heat faster since there is more surface area for it to be spread around.

Heatsink Manufacturers typically produces all sorts of models that meet a wide range of CPU specifications. The main specifications that they pay attention to are:

If you are wanting to learn more about heat sinks, I would do research on CPUs and laptops. Laptops present a very unique cooling situation because different manufacturers build their models differently, all requiring different forms of heat sinks.