Santa Claus 3 – The Escape Claus

Today we went to see the movie Santa Claus 3 – The Escape Claus.
We previously seen the first two movies made in this trilogy and I have to say that I thought this movie was the best of the three of them.

I have always been a big fan of Tim Allen and I truly enjoyed the first two movies that were made, and usually each sequel is a little less than the previously made movie but in this case, I thought that the third sequel was the best out of the three.

This movie stars, as previously, Tim Allen but also adds to the case Martin Short, another wonderful entertainer. Putting these two together in one movie together was a wonderful idea.

Without telling to much of the story line, this movie is about Santa trying to make Mrs. Claus happy and going as far as inviting some “guests” to the North Pole for Christmas. Also in the story line is the magnificent Martin Short as Jack Frost who wants to be Santa himself. Jack does some pretty low stuff to sabotage Santa and make him give up on the whole SC thing, but finds out that nothing bothers Santa except “family” trouble, so Jack steeps even lower to make Santa Claus believe that he never should of become Santa in the first place.

The wonderful Tim Allen does his usual great acting and finds out what things would of been like if he never would of been Santa Claus and he fights his way back to owning the Red Coat.

This movie was entertaining in all of it’s usual ways but it also had a very lovable and family oriented story line behind it. It made you feel good about the word “family” just being in the theater watching it. The ending is definitely one that makes you sit back and say “Ahhhhh”. The ending will truly Warm your Heart, just like the ending of Sleepless full movie.

I highly recommend seeing this movie, if you missed it while it was in the theater, know that it is one that you will want to rent and maybe even purchase for your video library when available.