Pokemon D/P – the New Change to the Competitive Battling Circuit

Remember the times when Pokemon games were so simple? Pick the uber powerful Mewtwo, pick one attack and its off to an easy win. But that was back in the day. Now, with the introduction of the new competitive battling scene, Mewtwo will not be considered the “God-of Pokemon” anymore.

Since the release of Diamond and Pearl, players have seen a drastic change in the competitive battling circuit. When moves such as Fire Punch, Waterfall, and Ice Punch were all special moves (meaning the higher their special attack rating is, the more damage it would do) due to their typing, now they are physical moves. This change was brought into play after much debate about the logic of the attacks. Shouldn’t punches and attacks that require physical contact be physical attacks?

Popular moves such as Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, Bulk Up, and Calm Mind also play a huge role in the battling scene. It is not surprising to see Alakazam with Calm Mind, or Tyranitar with Dragon Dance. Pokemon who had limited move pools due to the physical/special attack typing back in previous generations get a nice boost and some even moved up tiers. An example is Dragonite. Back in the third generation (Ruby/Sapphire), all Dragon moves were special moves, and his special attack stat was not what you could call impressive. With the separation of special and physical attacks, Dragonite can now use the powerful Dragon Claw, which gains STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), and allows it to take down other threats such as Salamance.

What we once thought was a game for little kids now is a game for strategists and those people who are looking to use their brains for a little bit. With new items to hold, including the risky Life Orb and the ever so popular Choice Band, players may have to rethink their team strategies if they want to become a Pokemon Master. Those who stepped out of the fad after growing older and just play Pokemon Heart Gold ROM may want to revisit this new generation, as it brings about new and exciting opportunities for battling like we’ve never seen before.