More Updates to Come After DNS Problem is Solved

We’ve been wanting to make some big updates to our site about our upcoming events and partnerships, but on our office network we keep encountering “DNS” problems like “server isn’t responding”.

We’ve tried the basic fixes like trying to narrow down the causes to trying different web browsers, to see maybe if it’s just a problem with Google Chrome. When that didn’t work, we tried clearing our browser caches and cookies – still no go.

Then I tried getting my iPad out of the car and seeing if I could connect and use the internet properly. With that device is kept saying DNS server unavailable, so I wasn’t even sure what to think about that.

When searching online I learned that it is actually a common problem that happens from time to time and is easily fixable. This one site talks about the steps needed to fix DNS Error, which basically has to do with something called “flushing” your DNS on your computer.

After following the instructions and using the following commands in the command prompt, we were able to resume using the internet as usual: