Keep This in Mind When Hiring a Housekeeper

While some view having a housekeeper as an invasion of privacy, and would never pay for such a service, there is still a large population of consumers that enjoy the time and energy that is saved by hiring a housekeeper. By having a housekeeper on hand it’s one less thing to worry about in your busy life, which can mean the world to some people. Regardless of why you choose to work with a housekeeper, there are some tips to keep in mind when choosing one.

  1. Ask for Recommendations – Think about if you had to choose a new doctor. Would you look through the phonebook and just choose any ole doctor, or would you ask family and friends for recommendations? It may seem strange comparing a doctor to a housekeeper, but in many ways the housekeeper is in charge of even more responsibilities than a doctor. Housekeepers are in charge of the safety of your home and belongings, and might be around your children from time to time. Don’t you think it would be worth it to choose someone or some company that has recommendations from people that you trust?
  2. Phone Interview – Most companies are quick to spring for the opportunity to do a walk-through with you and give you an estimate, but this can be tough to deal with because they can be pushy or rush you through it without going over the details. Try to get someone on the phone and ask questions like what type of products will be used, and if they change cleaning cloths between jobs. If they are unwilling to go over the finer details over the phone then they probably aren’t the best choice.
  3. Individual or Company – There are pros and cons when it comes to hiring either an individual housekeeper, or a company that provides you one of their employees. The individual may offer extras beyond the typical cleaning like folding clothes, but things might come up in that person’s life like becoming ill, which will leave you high and dry. You could then go for a company which is unlikely to cause any problems, but at the same time they might lack the personal touch that an individual can bring. A company like Cfait can help you navigate the crazy world of freelancers, and choose an individual that is perfect for the job.

At the end of the day, life is about enjoying your time and home. While some find enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction from working around the house, it is beyond a chore for others. Hiring a housekeeper doesn’t instantly label you as a lazy person, you may just want to spend your time on things that matter more to you.