Ideas for Unconventional Gifts that the Bride and Groom Will Love

Weddings are a special occasion for many, and all the elements can bring excitement: the wardrobe, the ceremony, the vows, the parties, the first dance, the socializing, and let’s not forget – gifts. If you’ve been invited to a wedding this year, then it’s already time to wrap your head around what kind of gift you are going to get the lovely couple. While obviously they would be very happen with a gift that they chose and put on the registry, but sometimes it’s more fun to get creative with it. Here are a couple different routes you can take to give an amazing, unconventional gift.


Sometimes cold hard cash can be more handy than an actual gift. Cash can be used towards some of the expenses that the couple take on for things like the wedding or moving in together.

Group Buy

If you know some other people that are also invited to the big day, then it’s possible to pool your resources together and buy one big ticket item for the couple. A typical group buy would be for something substantial like furniture.

Personalized Gifts

Nowadays it is actually quite cheap to get common household items personalized with custom engraving, monograms, and even emboss. Companies like Gifts Less Ordinary in New Zealand specialize in gifts like these. The best part about custom gifts like these is that they’re great as gifts for him, as well as gifts for her. It’s essentially taking normal gifting-giving to the next level