How to Start Getting Your Hair Back

Following the latest trends and fads can really take it’s toll on your hair. Even if you have dense, healthy hair while growing up, dying your hair and using other chemicals to wash or style it is still abuse, and your hair can only handle so much. Below are some tips to naturally regrow hair back to good health, without having to spend too much extra money:

  1. Scalp Massage – Often when you hear about performing a head massage it’s recommended to use some sort of oil like coconut oil or castor oil. While it isn’t necessary to use an oil, it is more effective in the long run and buying the oil isn’t going to hurt your bank. This routine will usually only take about 20 minutes of your time, and it helps to leave the oil in your hair for a bit afterwards before washing it out.
  2. Herbal Rinse – This one is a little bit less known, but there are certain plants out there with beneficial nutrients that naturally nourish and condition your hair. These rinses usually have complicated recipes so you’re almost better off just ordering a blend from an online supplier.
  3. Avoid Conditioners – After shampooing your hair, please stay away from conditioners. They are just extra chemicals that will not help the health of your hair, and more importantly, there are leave-in conditioners with natural ingredients that are much better for your health. If you really feel the need for conditioner – go for a leave-in type.
  4. Wide Tooth Comb – This is a tip you won’t hear often, but again, we’ll take any help we can get. Fine combs can actually hurt the fragile new hairs that are growing in. Also, aim for using a wood comb as well because they are more forgiving than plastic ones.

In the end, regrowing your hair is not rocket science. As soon as you make the click and realize that pretty much all hair products have some harmful chemicals in them, the sooner you can make a change for the best. Do yourself a favor and always read the labels on hair products. Stay away from things that stress your hair too much, like heat treatments, conditioners, tight hair styles, and most importantly, take great care of your general health.