How the Freedom App Can Save Your Life

It seems like struggling to stay productive is becoming increasingly common among people nowadays. As for me, productivity comes in waves — I’m either super productive for a period of time or I go back to the normal me, aimlessly browsing the internet for something that catches my attention.

Does that sound familiar to you at all?

Below I will talk about the tool that I use to keep me on task when I need to.


Freedom is another new app that lowers the amount of distractions on the internet by blocking sites that distract you the most.

The difference with Freedom when compared to similar apps is that this one also works on your mobile device (where most of us probably waste most of our time).

Does it really help?

Studies show that it takes you about 23 minutes to get back on task once you get distracted by an email or notification.

Some would also argue that multi-tasking is actually less productive. If you’re trying to go back and forth between a group chat on Skype and your financial report, then you probably won’t be too efficient.

The biggest pro for using this app is that it breaks up the bad habit of always looking at distractions. Once you get into the routine of always looking at your news feed, the habit gets stronger every day.

The only downside is that the app has gone full-blown “freemium” for devices. Coincadentially enough, you could look online for the freedom apk and get all the upgrades for free if you have an android device.

As a little bonus, the app also comes with automated scheduling for turning on and off the night shift mode. I recently downloaded Flux on my Apple laptop, and realized I was totally missing out on this simple bit of automation.