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“ECOTOPIA is a lively, good-natured satire whose jabs at hypocritical bureaucrats, greedy rubes, starry-eyed environmentalists, and gullible tourists are cushioned with generous doses of humor and song. The trouble begins when a group of “artsy-fartsy tree-huggers” start a commune near an Aegean village. At first the locals are all too happy to overcharge the newcomers for worthless land, worn-out donkeys, and neglected artifacts. But when a vast coal reserve is discovered, and the tree-huggers refuse to get out of the way of this windfall, the battle lines are drawn. Further complications arise when the unctuous village chief (a wonderfully broad performance by Irmak) falls hard for the pretty but pragmatic queen of the greens (Bosse). In Turkish with English subtitles. DCP digital. (MR)” – Gene Siskel Film Center

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Cast and Crew

Director: Yüksel Aksu
Producers: Taha Altayli, Muharrem Gulmez, Aksel Kamber
Writer: Yüksel Aksu
Starring: Emin Gursoy, Ayse Bosse, Sahin Irmak


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