6 Ways to Pay Less at the Grocery Store

Tired of food expenses constantly going up? Every time you shop are you shocked at the price of everyday necessities? If you aren’t some Publix employee that can easily use their Publix Passport to get some savings, you’re still able to save some bucks. These six tips show you how to get what you need without going broke!

Find a Bag-Your-Own Grocery Store

You would not believe how much you can save! Plus, the majority of these stores make it easy with high baskets and conveyor belts. Don’t know of any bag-your-own stores? In western states, there is Food Max and Winco and in eastern states, there is Aidi’s. You can also look on the Internet or search the phone book for these discount stores.

Buy Multiple Milks
Many grocery stores charge less when you buy two gallons of milk versus only one. If you won’t use that extra gallon, use your freezer to help you save it or coordinate with a friend so both of you can take advantage of the discount.

Buy Meat at a Meat Market
The advantage of a meat market is that you can buy exactly how much meat you want instead of settling for a pre-packaged deal. So, there’s less you would have to throw away. Plus, meat markets usually have very good quality meats at great prices!

Stock up on Snacks During the Holidays
Leading up to major holidays or sporting events like the Superbowl, grocery stores start having great sales on items like snacks, soda, and beer. Use this time to stock up so you’ll have plenty until the next huge holiday sale!

Buy Candy After the Holidays
The day after a holiday, you can find bags and bags of candy for half off or more. Look for bags that have holiday wrapping on the outside of the bag but not on the actual candy wrappers themselves. That way, you can use them when the holidays are over without anyone knowing the difference.

Use Coupons
This may sound a bit obvious, but start learning the best places to go for coupons. Once you have a list of resources, you could have coupons for everything you need. You can find great coupons in the Sunday paper, or for a specific product, look on the manufacturer’s website. There is also a plethora of websites that are entirely devoted to coupons. Some popular ones are winndixie and bettycrocker for General Mills items.