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Getting Insurance for the Team

Part of us taking the festivals to a new level in the future will require us to have more full-time staff, and part of bringing people on full time means offering some benefits. We are in it for the long haul, and want members to join us that are just as dedicated as we are. While getting all these different benefits for the employees will be cumbersome at first, it will pay off in the long run if everyone is satisfied and feels secure with their job.

Thankfully we still have the option to do something with Obamacare, and they work with insurance companies to offer a vary wide range of options to accommodate almost any need. This is similar to what it’s like getting an LIC policy in India – it’s a government thing so it’s easier and in a way more trustworthy than working independently with a company.

These are of course just typical growing pains for a company on the rise. We just look forward to growing our family here and cherish the fact that we are able to do this type of stuff for a living.

Taking Our Festivals to a New Level

We’re proud to announce that with we’ve been working with a company that will helps us better increase our revenue per event so that we can continue to improve and expand in the future. They are mainly helping us understand how to improve our profits by using data to solve business challenges. Although we pride ourselves on trying to do everything in-house, and be self-sufficient, we felt it was necessary to take some steps to improve our business overall.

We are still on the rocks when it comes to allowing outside business to work with us, and hopefully our research will give us a clear indication of whether or not it will positive in the long haul.

If you have any business queries, please send us an email and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you

Possibilities of Serving Food in the Future

While we’ve always been looking into bringing actual vendors in and letting them serve the attendants of the festival, we’ve also been thinking of trying to take care of catering ourselves and being self sustainable, as opposed to letting other businesses come in basically advertise at the event.

While brainstorming ideas, we thought it would be a good idea to search for some kitchen tools and equipment that could at least help us prepare some starters, snacks, or even larger appetizer meals. One of our first steps would be to find the best air fryer for our situation. We are limited not only on space, but also to how many people would actually be using it. We have a small, but dedicated staff here, and an even smaller space to work with in terms of preparing food.

We hope to have a concept of a menu for next years event and we hope to see everyone there and be able to serve up some delicious treats!

Time for Aerial Footage

It is the future now, and it’s time for aerial footage to become more common. It’s a great way to capture a moment or an event from an angle that just wasn’t possible only a couple of years ago. Now technology is advancing so fast that it’s possible to get devices like drones and outdoor quadcopters for a very low price due to all the competition that is out there.

With prices of drones being at an all-time low since they’ve become widely popular, we figured it would be a good idea to get one of our own to capture some footage of the festival every year. We will then be able to share the video on our site and YouTube for others to see what the festival is like and get a feel for what the atmosphere is like.

We’ve been searching online for a waterproof drone with the option to attach an external camera like a GoPro. The reason for it needing to be waterproof is to mainly keep it safe from the elements and just in case something goes wrong and it falls into some water. In the end, we just want to make sure we have the drone for many festivals in the future.